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Vintage Necklaces

Beloved Trio Vintage Rhinestone Choker - SALE

This choker measures 17” and can be worn at the neck, or nape with slight adjustment. Beautiful vintage swarovski findings in red white and blue, on gold-tone snake chains… WAS $56, NOW on SALE…

Buttercup Bead Dream

just lovely, a buttery yellow glass bead necklace, long and swingy and made to be worn long and tied flapper style or strung around the neck in a double loop, vintage and wonderful, measuring 36" in length...

Classic Aurora Borealis Vintage - SALE

Magnificent and utterly classic, this amazing vintage vintage Swarovski necklace measures 15” to be worn at the nape of the neck… WAS $65, NOW on SALE…

Classic Bead Collection Necklace

wonderful vintage double strand bead necklace, circa early 1970s and so chic with a medallion style push closusre, fun and fantastic plastic at its best retro glam style, a long and swingy 25"

Darling Crystal Vintage - SALE

Finely done duet of vintage swarovski crystals measures an overall length of 18”, nice extender with rhinestone clasp and beautiful beading… WAS $56, NOW on SALE…

Designer Art Pendant - "Artistry K” - SALE

Incredible designer pendant necklace signed and totally fabulous features stylized window pane pendant and textured chain. Pendant measures 1.5” square overall length 22.5”. WAS $65…NOW on SALE…

Double Jette Strand

elegant French jette bead vintage necklace, black glass with mod gold tone clasp, wonderfully classic, circa 1950s, as found, measures 12"

Embossed Ebony Collar - SALE

A duet of carved and faceted beads add layers of style can be worn at a length of 16”-19” with its chain extender. Festive and fun, WAS $84, NOW on SALE...

Exceptional Antique Sterling Mesh Mini Purse

This doll-size or lucky penny purse measures just 2.5” in length and 1.75” in width. I have never seen its equal in texture or condition. It is fabulous. Mesh is untouched, clasp works well. Sterling hallmarked on sterling 22” chain.

Faceted Amber Collar - SALE

Fabulous antique… likely Victorian amber bead collar, measures 16” and is a lovely collection of faceted amber beads, finely made and quite lovely with a barrel clasp… WAS $140, NOW on SALE…

Faceted Wonder Vintage Choker - SALE

Festively acquainted vintage choker measures 18” in length. Tightly strung with beautiful clasps… WAS $56, NOW on SALE…

Fantastic Plastic Duet Vintage Necklace - SALE

A fantastic duet of mid century plastic beads with lovely clasp. Marked Japan measures 25” in length c.1960s… WAS $36, NOW on SALE…

Fine Crystal Duet Vintage Necklace - SALE

Finely done duet of vintage swarovski crystals measures an overall length of 17”, nice extender and beautiful beading… WAS $56, NOW on SALE…

Golden Aurora Borealis Duet - SALE

Wonderful duet of clear and Aurora Borealis crystals strung with gold tone flashings. Nicely done, this strand is vintage, c. 1950 and measures 17” in length…. WAS $68, NOW on SALE…

Grand "Goldette" Signed Blooms Necklace - SALE

...from the quality costume jewelry house of the 1960s and 70s "Goldette", here offered one of their signed designer pieces, a large and lushrevival pieces c1978, a stellar fashion piece measures 24" in length, and varies in width from 1.5'3" wide, that was designed and produced with metal and glass medallions -- we have recently learned that the design inspired by the squash blossom and that it is of Navajo inspiration.  Now on SALE...

Iridescent & Milk Glass Duet Strand - SALE

Truly fabulous this faceted milk glass and crystal double strand necklace is charged with Mid Century glam. Can be worn 19”-22” with its adjuster, incredible;e vintage style, WAS $98, NOW on SALE…

Jade Ombre Beads - SALE

Fabulous nod to Mid Century style in this long and lush glass and early plastic strand. This fabulous vintage necklace measures 50” and can be worn doubled, WAS $115, NOW on SALE...

Jette Glam Choker

Fabulous! This vintage glass bead choker is laden with glorious 1950s style....faceted glass beads are strung in a trio of rows, stretches right around the neck to for in classic style, measures 13", a wonderful piece...

Lovely Crystals

wonderful vintage bling, just lovely measures 20", as found, vintage

Orange Aurora Broealis Double Strand

chic and vintage, this necklace features a strung duet of iridescent orange crystals, just fab, 18" in length, c late 1940s early 1950s, fab with retro glam style...I adore these classic double strands....

Petite French Jette Collar - SALE

An exquisite example of this style of antique jewelry with a finely made clasp and lovely condition. Measures 16” in length this fine example sits at the nape of the neck… WAS $125, NOW on SALE...

Raw Amber Strands

Fabulous strand measuring 48” in overall length this wonderful necklace features a multitude of uncut, polished amber nuggets. Saturated with honey hues…

Ruby Seed Bead Necklace - SALE

A fabulous collection of nine early plastic strands drop from a wonderful clasp. 24”, WAS $145, NOW on SALE...

Sky & Clouds Vintage Necklace - SALE

Wonderful mid century glass beads, strung with petite glass cabochons in a lovely color blocked style, measuring a full 38” of beads with a 19” drop when doubled.... these are spectacular, WAS $128, NOW on SALE…

Stone Floral Pendant

extremely special, this pendant is created from stone shrouded in silver tone metal and hand painted, lovely indeed, c1970s, measures 3"x1.25"

Trifari Mid-Century Layered Bead Necklace - SALE

Exquisite and signed the Mid-Century trifari beads are just fabulous, layers of square beads cascade and measures 18", quite interesting, WAS $85, NOW on SALE…

Tripled Pearl Collar - SALE

Truly fabulous, this Mid Century pearl collar is laden with retro charm. A trio of beads drop to a length of 20”. Lovely brass-tone clasp, WAS $78, NOW on SALE...

Turquoise Grape Glories Vintage Pendant - SALE

Fabulous mid-century rhinestone grape pendant measures 18” and adds vintage glam… WAS $36, NOW on SALE…

Victorian Jette Strand - SALE

Lovingly restrung on tigers tail this Victorian jette necklace measures 32” in length, truly spectacular this necklace features anthracite coal and french jet beads, an amazing example and quite rare in the able to be worn condition, WAS $150, NOW on SALE…

Vintage Eight Strand Pearl Necklace - SALE

Incredibly lush and totally fabulous, this rare and wonderful eight strand pearl bead necklace oozes with Mid-Century style, can be worn from 15” to 19” for a variety of looks… truly special, WAS $95, NOW on SALE

Vintage Lemony Glass Strand - SALE

Lovely strand of lemon yellow beads dates from the 1920s to 30s measuring 56” in overall length this strand can be worn long and swingy, or even tripled, WAS $135, NOW on SALE…

Vintage Pearl Strand No.4 - SALE

Darling pearl beads measure 17” in length with a sterling deco closure, these have some age to them, but still add style as pearls always do, WAS $60, NOW on SALE..