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...Live Authentic and read Ben Ashby's Folk, brilliantly crafted and photographed...with stories of life, home, cooking, adventures and craft - for those that seek a handmade life. Fabulous new issue for 2020...
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Artist: Ben Ashby
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FOLK - RENEWAL ISSUE -- just in!

...Live Authentic and read folk, brilliantly crafted with stories of life, home, cooking, adventures and craft - for those that seek a handmade life. Jen O'Connor copies available... don't miss this keepsake issue that restores and renews with the season

REVIVAL ISSUE - Ben Ashby's FOLK Magazine stock...another great issue... wonderful stories and photos

Escape to the Country by Ben Ashby - autographed

256 pages full color hardcover,  Reflections on the charm of farmhouse living from the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Folk Magazine
autographed by the author

Earth Angels Studios owner and founder Jen O'Connor is included in the featured homes and chapters, as are several Earth Angels artists and their work.

Discover the magical qualities this lifestyle has to offe --  Learn how to maintain a garden seasonally, how to prepare typical farmer's dishes and why farm life may not be for everyone, but is undoubtedly appealing to many -- Folk Magazine has more than half a million followers on Instagram

 A slower pace of life, outdoor space and tight-knit communities come hand-in-hand with village living – something many have come to appreciate in recent months. Many city-dwellers are looking for an alternative way of life and are preparing to move, making the dream reality. In this beautifully photographed book, Ben Ashby, the editor-in-chief of Folk Magazine, reflects on the authenticity and charm of life on the farm. Having made the move several years ago from New York to Kentucky, he shares his thoughts on fitting into a small town, living on the farm, learning to celebrate the slow life, and being self-sufficient. For each season, he pilots us to the most inspiring farmhouses and pays tribute to the architecture and interiors of these unique spaces, as well as to the lifestyle and sense of community that goes along with country life. Now might be a perfect time for you to give farming life a try!