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Angela's Book! Brushstrokes - By Angela Moulton

Brushstrokes: Acrylic: Effortless painting with minimal tools and materials ...Learn to create bold, dynamic works of art using step-by-step painting techniques that require minimal time, effort, and only the most basic supplies.

Designed for absolute beginners, Brushstrokes: Acrylic uses large brushstrokes and thick, creamy paint to help budding artists create loose, dynamic paintings in practically no time at all. After a quick overview of the basic tools and materials—including surfaces, brushes, and paints—and a brief introduction to choosing and mixing colors, Brushstrokes: Acrylic demonstrates how to use just a few thick brushstrokes to create charming works of art in a modern, bold style. From vibrant birds and florals to charming animal portraits and still lifes, follow along with these step-by-step projects to create quick-and-easy masterpieces—a perfect formula for artists just getting started.

Brushstrokes: Acrylic provides a unique introduction to acrylic painting, from choosing the right brushes and paints to creating inspired works of art using easy painting techniques—no experience required.

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Artist: Angela Moulton