Lego Custom Doll Service – PRICE INQUIRE

…we are thrilled to announce a very special custom commission doll service via Rosanna De Bellis aka Mademoiselle Cupcake — with the renown Ilaria Giostrell of “Custom Dolls by Lego”.  Ilaria’s work is highly regarded in the Blythe community for its unique and festive flourishes.  Her custom dolls are expertly wrought with an attention for detail and quality.  A range of services available to have your custom Blythe created as you wish…choices can be made for hairstyle color and material (synthetic, alpaca, mohair or AKA), facial expression, skin tone, freckles, eye chips, open mouth/teeth and the like…your choice of Takara, pure neemo or Licca body….lovely adorned pull stings and a travel case are always included…prices vary depending on your custom preferences but are competitive. Your doll will ship ready to be dressed and clothing options are available separately. Please email for pricing and to plan your custom Blythe commission by the artist. Please note you will not be able to add this to your cart, please email for info…prices available upon request.