Theresia - 70cm/27.5" - LAST ONE IN EDITION - WOW - IN STOCK

A rare find -- we were able to hve the workshop create one last doll from the now retired edition - from talented artist Nicole Marschollek-Menzner of Zwergnase Dolls an edition of 75. Vinyl head, arms, legs and chest plate with a soft ultrasueded body. Her lush wig is made of genuine hair, she has hand-blown glass eyes from the renown makers in Lauscha, Germany. Lovely real leather shoes, a woolen felt hat,and all manner of lovingly appointed and well tailored details. Made in Germany....signed hang tag and emblem branded box with branded couture Jen at to set up a layaway - she is ready to ship (not the hat color varied on the edition -- this doll comes with the blue hat as shown in the images the stock image had a brown hat which was changed due to supply)