Paquito - New Orleans - ONE LEFT

...a handmade doll designed by Antonio Toronjo Morales and made in Spain...THIS IS SOMETHING SPECIAL -- and I'm thrilled to help my friend Antonio Toronjo Morales AND Paquito!
This is a final sale item and no discount codes can be used to order him as we are extending our support to this young artist...AS A KINDNESS TO KIM AND COURTESY YO OUR CUSTOMERS....if you order using any price discount code, your order will be cancelled and your purchase refunded minus ebay or credit card fees, so please, do not use a discount code as it will only cause you and us stress....)

From Antonio:
Paquito will be dressed as in the illustrations presented, due to a pattern adjustment for the final sets.
Paquito is handmade in a Spanish family factory, they are made one by one with thoroughness, each painting is manual, just like his hairstyle and cut. (this means there can be variations and slight there are with all artist made things -- he is not a production line doll...this is an artist made creation)