Flora & Foilage Pottery Workshop - 8/1 - 9am-11am

Students can make either one large plate or two small ones, by pressing leaves and other foliage into the clay and draping the clay over molds.  Both round and square plate molds will be provided.  Leaves, stamps, and foliage will be provided but you may bring your own from your home or garden to make your piece more personal to you. 

The pieces will be left to dry, and Claudia will add colored pigment to the texture and a clear glaze over top then fire them in her kiln. Pickup will be arranged approximately one month after the date of the class.  All completed pieces are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.(pieces will be sent to out of town participants)

Hosted by the Ohio County Artists Guild and Earth Angels Studios the weekend begins Friday, July 31st  Space is limited, registration is required and is non-refundable.


This gathering will take place at the Walton Creek Inn... Ben's Kentucky family homestead and farm. The address is 321 Cahndle Loop in Centertown, KY... email Jen@EarthAngelsStudios.com with any questions....

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4 available