Annette's Wee World – RETIRED LTD EDITION

ONE AVAILABLE ONLY.... A Happy Birthday tribute to Annette, her talent, her love of art, miniatures and all the little critters of the forest. In celebration of Annette’s 97th birthday, the artists have surrounded her personal fave mouse with tiny reproductions of Annette's earliest works. Willy sculpted miniature versions of the Miss Mouse with Bow Hat (M-2b 1972), The Professor Rabbit (B-4 1973), Two Mice with Candle (M-7 1975), May Belle (M-12 1976), Nightie Mouse (M-14 1976), and the Blueberry Bears (BR-1 & BR-2 1977). Did you notice the ribbon atop her head? To those of you who have met Annette, she always has a little bow tied neatly in her hair! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. M-330s, 2.25x3. This pieces was a limited edition for the month of June-July 2016 and as such is retired! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!!!


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