Purchase 5 Wee Forest Folk items and your 6th will be 50% OFF!!!

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HERE ARE THE DETAILS: as you like and once you've purchased 5 Wee Forest Folk items, your 6th item is 50% OFF...yes, the item can be of your choice...but it must be equal to or less in value than the most expensive of the previous five. Shipping (discounted/pre-rated to the sale amount) will be billed on your 50% off piece simply to cover the costs of the shipping to us by the workshop and to you...

...please note that you must be a registered user on the Earth Angels site to qualify for this wonderful discount endorsed by the Petersen Family...this is how we keep track of your purchases.

When you're ready to order your 6th piece at HALF PRICE just email us or call us to order and we'll help you to complete your 50% OFF transaction with a coupon code and an order for your piece.

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